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Owners of locally owned businesses care about the communities in which they do business because they live there. Not only does this mean that locals are more likely to be sensitive to regional concerns, but local businesses are more likely to seek collaborative relationships with other local businesses or organizations. Locals will be more likely to conform their businesses to a historic building than to demolish it. Click here for more...

Advanced Book Exchange

ABE is the best large independent online book source. It offers some 70 million books from 13 thousand sellers, including Sam Weller’s. Unlike ABAA, anyone can sell on ABE so buyer discretion and caution is recommended. Unlike other large sites, such as Alibris, Amazon or Barnes & Noble, the buyer transacts her purchase directly with the person who possesses the book which makes getting accurate answers to your inquiries easier. ABE’s advanced search is very sophisticated and enables searching with more precise parameters than most other sites. It enables one to refine searches in many ways, including by location of sellers, which could save on postage and time of delivery.

American Booksellers Association

The American Booksellers Association was founded in 1900. It is a non-profit organization devoted to meeting the needs of its core members, independent booksellers with physical locations. ABA aids booksellers through advocacy, education, research and dissemination of information, ABA supports free speech, literacy and programs that encourage reading. ABA is also responsible for the creation and sponsorship of the revolutionary Book Sense program. In the 1990s, ABA was instrumental in helping to level the playing filed between independents and corporate retailers by assisting numerous bookstores, including Sam Weller’s Books, to sue several large publishers and Barnes & Noble and Borders for anti-trust violations. In each suit, settlements were achieved which substantially altered wholesaler to retailer relations making them more fair to the interests of smaller retailers. More recently, ABA has taken a leading role in advocating for reader’s privacy rights which are compromised by the U.S. Patriot Act.

Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America

The ABAA is an association of our nation’s most experienced and knowledgeable antiquarian booksellers. It promotes ethical standards and professionalism in the rare book trade and sponsors two large annual antiquarian book fairs. ABAA members are sworn to a strict code of ethics. In an era when every Tom, Dick or Harry is a bookseller, it is easy to be disappointed by those who have little experience, especially when buying online. No other organization guarantees the knowledge, experience and ethics like the ABAA of which Tony Weller and Joan Nay of Sam Weller’s Rare Book Department are member and associate member respectively. The ABAA web site isn’t as large as ABE’s because only accredited sellers are permitted to list books there. But this is why the ABAA site can be used with confidence. When expertise is important, the ABAA’s web site is the place to start.


IndieBound is a community-oriented movement begun by the independent bookseller members of the American Booksellers Association. It brings together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances, and anyone else with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive. Supporting local, indie businesses means that dollars, jobs, diversity, choice, and taxes stay local, creating strong, unique communities and happy citizens.

International League of Antiquarian Booksellers or Ligue Internationale de la Librairie Ancienne

ILAB is an international coalition of antiquarian and rare book dealers which upholds and seeks to improve professional standards and honorable conduct in the trade, and promote appreciation of the art and history of the book. The membership of ILAB-LILA is comprised of experienced and peer vetted booksellers from 20 different nations. ABAA is the American portal to membership.

Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association

The MPIBA is a trade association representing over 250 independent locally owned bookstores within the greater Rocky Mountain region. It’s member stores are in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Kansas, Arizona, Nebraska and South Dakota. It is the largest regional association of booksellers in the nation, geographically and in membership. MPIBA holds an annual trade show, produces a Winter catalog and is responsible for regional awards to honor outstanding books which are set in our region. The Association is a strong advocate for local businesses of all types.

The University of Utah Press

The University of Utah Press is an agency of the J. Willard Marriott Library of the University of Utah. In accordance with the mission of the University, the Press publishes and disseminates scholarly books in selected fields, as well as other printed and recorded materials of significance to Utah, the region, the country, and the world.