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Salt Lake City, UT
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sam weller bookstore front


  • Tony Weller Owner

    Tony spent most of his childhood in the bookstore, influenced by books and the diverse staff who sold them. He started working at the bookstore in 1972, when he was ten years old. He worked from jobs such as sweeping and deliveries up through bookkeeping to management and the buying and selling of used and rare books. Today he manages the bookstore’s rare book department, buying estates and performing appraisals. He is former president of the Intermountain Booksellers Association and the Salt Lake Downtown Merchants Association. Tony held board positions on Salt Lake’s Downtown Alliance and Chamber of Commerce, the Salt Lake Vest Pocket Coalition and the Utah Health Policy Project. He is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. He has taught courses on book collecting at the University of Utah and speaks on numerous aspects of books to community groups. Influential Books include Silence by John Cage, Living My Life by Emma Goldman, Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan and anything by Alan Watts.

  • Catherine Weller Owner & Lead New Book Buyer

    Catherine is co-owner of Weller Book Works. Her duties include supervising the new book buying functions. She began working at Wellers in 1994 as a floor clerk in the used and new books sections. She has also worked in Institutional Sale, Inventory Control, Payroll and Bookkeeping. She has served on the Board of Directors and as President of the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA), and has also served on the Booksellers Advisory Council of the American Booksellers Association (ABA). Catherine is an omnivorous reader who believes it is important to read books from all genres and for all age groups.

  • Stephanie Leitch Office Manager & Artist

    Stephanie Leitch has worked at Wellers for over a dozen years in numerous support capacities, including doing the graphics and advertising, curating art shows, and keeping the books for the books. She is also a knuckle-dragging artist and mother to a quirky and inordinately bookish son.

  • John Clukey Bookseller

    John Clukey began his career in bookselling at Borders in 1998 (he applied at Sam Wellers Bookstore at the same time). He joined the Wellers staff in 2006 as a bookseller in new and used books. He has since been a section leader and a used book buyer. John enjoys reading from all subjects, but particularly likes science fiction and science writing.

  • Bruce Christensen New Book Buyer

    Bruce Christensen has been working at Weller Book Works for over 35 years. He is currently our buyer for mass market, mysteries, western fiction, romance, thrillers and self-published books. Bruce is also the facilitator at several bookclubs. His favorite activity outside of work is, oddly enough, reading.

  • Jennifer Nielsen Sidelines Buyer

    Judges books by their covers. Enjoys collecting tomes. Neglects putrid poetry. Neil Gaiman, SWOON! In love with Mark Twain. Forgets easily, so she recites out loud. Excited about neuroscience! And unicorns! Requires quiet time for comic book reading.

  • Will Eakland Bookseller

    Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Will dreamt of a tribe that lived within welcoming walls redolent of paper and ink. At an early age he found his people in libraries and bookstores. There he dwells.

  • Frank Pester Buyer & Sales Floor Manager

    After 10 years experience bookselling in Southern California, including 3 years of owning and operating his own store, Frank has now been working for Wellers for 15 years. In addition to being our buyer for art, entertainment, Western Americana and religion, Frank is our Manager of Retail Sales.

  • Annika Peterson Bookseller

    I enjoy poetry, humor and dabbling in philosophy. In my life outside a book shop I wait tables. I am excited to learn secrets of the bookselling trade!

  • Zach Zundel Bookseller

    Zach is currently attending high school and is involved in an Early College program in connection with Weber State University. He loves books and is very excited to be working here at Weller Book Works. He enjoys Gothic and classic American literature.

  • Morgane Walton Bookseller

    Morgane was born in the South of France where she would finish the books her mom bought her before they got home from the bookstore. At age 14, Victor Hugo shaped her political beliefs and JK Rowling sparked her interest in the English language. Since then, her dreams have come true: she moved to the US for love, submerged herself in fantasy, and most recently she began working at a bookstore! She loves pandas, chocolate, and the smell of old books.

  • Theodore Huxtable Richins Store mascot

    Have you read Rin Tin Tin? Two paws up!

  • Lila Weller Bookseller

    Lila, daughter of Catherine and Tony, grew up around the bookstore and its literary atmosphere. She is a senior at City Academy and will begin college next fall. She enjoys nearly all genres and is an enthusiastic reader. A couple of her current favorites are Fried Green Tomatoes by Fannie Flagg and Geek Love by Katheine Dunn.

  • Lane Richins Events & Outreach Coordinator

    Come to Wellers to enjoy Lane's “engaging warmth and vitality.” -Salt Lake City Weekly, May 5, 2011

  • José Knighton Bookseller

    A book monger for 35 years (in Salt Lake, Moab & Portland, Oregon), José apprenticed at Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore in the early 70's. When he's not reading (Roberto Bolaño, Neal Stephenson or Rebecca Newberger Goldstein), tinkering with a sonnet, listening to The Department of Eagles, The Decemberists or Calexico, he's hiking, off-trail, into some—hopefully snake infested—wilderness.