90th Speakers

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A few remarks were given by Senator Derek Kitchen (UT), store owner Tony Weller, and authors Brooke Williams and Terry Tempest Williams. We also said a special good-bye to our friend Bruce Christiensen, who retired after 40 years of bookselling.

Senator Derek Kitchen spoke on the value of locally-owned businesses.

A slideshow projector ran continuously through the event, creating moments of serendipity such as this when a photo of Catherine & Tony Weller displayed while Tony delivered his remarks.

Author Brooke Williams shared words of wisdom and camaraderie.

Former Wellerista Terry Tempest Williams shared stories of working with Sam, Lila, and Tony.

Ever the forward-thinker, Tony Weller reminded the crowd that labor creates wealth.

After over 40 years of bookselling, Wellerista Bruce Christiensen was celebrated by the community, fellow booksellers, and the Weller family upon his retirement.

A photo of our friend and long-time Wellerista Bruce Christiensen in the slideshow.

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