90th Thanks

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An anniversary party requires thoughtful planning, teamwork, and vision. We would like to thank those who brought the party together.

Acting as bartender for the event was Lane Richins, aided by Tiff Cline. Their non-stop motion and service was documented in blurry action shots.

Lila Ann Weller and Vivian Garcia plated, served, and replenished the buffet. Vivian is shown here setting out fresh hors d'oevres.

Many thanks to our party helpers:

  • Tiff Cline
  • Vivian Garcia
  • Natalie Keezer
  • Reid Rouse
  • Lila Ann Weller


Thanks go to our planning committee:

  • Emma Fox
  • Stephanie Leitch
  • Lane Richins
  • Catherine Weller


And, without the help of these fine folks, our party would not have been a success:

  • Pat Bagley
  • Steve Barth
  • Bonnie Bills, Utah DABC
  • The Falls Event Center
  • Senator Derek Kitchen
  • Phillip Miller
  • Tony Weller
  • Brooke Williams
  • Terry Tempest Williams


Last but not least, thanks to our Welleristas who worked during the party:

  • Tim Delahaye
  • Austin Fields
  • Josh Jacobs
  • Chance Miller
  • Elisabeth Padjen
  • Frank Pester


Thanks to all who attended and shared in this historic day with us. What a great way to start off our Next 90 Years! Read Tony Weller's Future Vision for the store.