Dear Weller Customers

By Tony Weller

This may be the first newsletter in 30 years without a feature article by me. I am glad in this busy time that other Weller Book Works booksellers stepped forward to cover for me. Between book collections and the reorganization of our rare book department, February disappeared. 

Nonetheless, here’s a timely thought. 

Happy New Year

By Tony Weller

A decade ago on January 6th, Weller Book Works opened in Trolley Square following the two-week move from Main Street that included time off for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Bookstore activities have kept me so busy, I barely noticed the years passing. We are pleased that new generations of readers discovered us here and like the bookstore we operate, and that Main Street customers value what we do as well. 

Why WBW Still Requires Masks

Weller Book Works still requires all employees and customers to wear face masks covering their noses and mouths, whether vaccinated or not.

This for two reasons: First, we are not able to reliably verify customers' immunization status. Additionally, not of our employees are fully immunized. We cannot in good conscience put their health at risk. We will revisit mask requirements when all Weller Book Works workers are fully immunized.

A Year of Pandemic

Last year, we did not produce newsletters between February and June. This year, there are no gatherings or in-person author events scheduled for March and April. We are still living in pandemic times. At this anniversary of the onset of the global crisis named CoViD-19, we are different people. I am grateful that our staff and bookstore have remained uninfected. Our masks, sanitization and distancing measures are designed to keep it that way.