Wild Kinship: Biophilia, Inner Knowings and Our True Nature (Paperback)

Wild Kinship: Biophilia, Inner Knowings and Our True Nature By Soraya Cover Image
By Soraya
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Wild Kinship sheds light on how our present human tale intertwines with our human-nature oriented relationship of our ancestral past. Embodying the spirit of a soul afflicted with biophilia, it is an illumination of our true human nature.

Through personal experience and observations of wild nature, encounters with wildlife and childlike curiosity, the author gains insight into our true human nature in a wild calling to understanding the language of Nature​.

Interwoven with fascinating scientific investigations, this book reveals how the many crises we face today point us to our greatest kinship, from anxiety disorders to pandemics. By readopting species-typical behavior in how we interact with the living world around us, and with each other, we can help mend a broken world and a broken people.
About the Author

Soraya is a biologist, independent journalist, and wilderness enthusiast. She is the author of The Wandering Naturalist online journal where she writes about her personal experiences and observations of Nature. Earning a bachelor's degree in biology with a concentration in ecology/evolutionary biology, she has experience in various field and laboratory projects including in assisting in an archaeological excavation, lizard and snake tracking surveys, threatened bird surveys, and wetland restoration. She has also hiked over 4,000 backcountry miles across multiple wilderness, is a survivor of stage-4 cancer and is a life-long advocate for wild Nature.

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ISBN: 9780578344935
ISBN-10: 0578344939
Publisher: Soraya
Publication Date: November 29th, 2021
Pages: 346
Language: English