The Ant Collective: Inside the World of an Ant Colony (Hardcover)

The Ant Collective: Inside the World of an Ant Colony By Armin Schieb Cover Image
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Ants come alive on this fabulously illustrated journey into the heart of a bustling colony

Ants share a vibrant and complex communal life and remarkable abilities to communicate with each other. The Ant Collective presents the world of ants as you have never seen it before, using hyperrealistic, computer-generated imagery that shows 3D-like views of activities inside and outside a thriving nest of red wood ants. With chapters on topics ranging from the establishment and construction of the nest to the birth of an ant trail and the relocation of a colony, this one-of-a-kind book brilliantly integrates informative descriptions with the illustrations, drawing on the latest science to reveal the innermost workings of the colony and enabling you to explore the ant collective as if you are there.
  • Features a wealth of naturalistic 3D-like illustrations and schematic infographics
  • Depicts the anatomy of ants, the architecture of their nests, their interactions with the environment and other animals, and their collective social behavior
  • Follows the annual life cycle of the colony
  • Provides an incredible up-close look at ant reproduction, defense, foraging, nesting, division of labor, and more
  • Packed with information about the biology, ecology, and communication skills of these marvelous insects

About the Author

Armin Schieb studied illustration at HAW Hamburg in Germany. He lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance illustrator.

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ISBN: 9780691255927
ISBN-10: 069125592X
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
Pages: 128
Language: English