Turn Our Eyes Away (Paperback)

Turn Our Eyes Away By Zoe Zorka Cover Image
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"She's dead....I killed her." While the young woman in question breaks down into sobs, Detective Pollizi and his colleagues in the Detroit Police Department try to piece together what happened on that snowy night in late December that left one young woman dead and another on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Using electronic journal entries, text messages, and social media posts, the detectives attempt to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. When Olivia moved back to her childhood home, she set in motion a series of events that ended up causing each woman to face her tortured past. Years ago, when both girls found themselves outcast and tormented in their suburban school, they became best friends until a tragic event ruined their friendship forever. A decade later, in a story that illustrates the lasting effects of childhood bullying, they have dealt with their problems differently. Olivia has channeled all of her energy into proving herself to the world. While she obsesses over achieving perfection, Tiffany falls even further into a downward spiral. As the story builds, both women's insecurities and demons will be exposed and their worlds will collide, ultimately culminating in tragedy for one of them.

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ISBN: 9780692306147
ISBN-10: 0692306145
Publisher: Marketing Concepts Intl
Publication Date: October 25th, 2014
Pages: 542
Language: English