Sex Tells (Paperback)

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In the streets, all this player knew was money, hoes, and clothes. But after living the life that almost took his own, he answered to a much higher calling. Now that he decided to change and give his life to the almighty Lord, he finds it much harder to walk the straight path than the wide. Surrounded by nothing but corruption, church hoes, lust, and evil; will this newly changed man survive? Based on a true story.

About the Author

Darick "DDS" Spears, is an artist, producer, business owner, certified audio engineer with experience in video/film production, and an author. He graduated from Marquette University Milwaukee, WI with a Bachelors in Communications and Minor in Intermediary Business 2000-2005. He got his Masters Degree in Music Business at Columbia College Chicago, IL 2006-2008. He also received his Associate Degree in Recording & Video Technology from Madison Media Institute 2010-2012. Darick is a Business owner. DDS MediaWorks LLC, Milwaukee, WI: is a tri-media company that deals with music production, video production, and book writing/publishing. Under the DDS Mediaworks umbrella, is a music label called Elevator Muzik Group. This music label was founded and is ran by Darick Spears. Log on to to check out new music. Finally, he has began a new book department called the 21st Century Shakespears Publishing Company. Known for the #1 Besteller book entitled: The Diary of a stay-at-home Dad: My Journal Behind Bars, by Darick Spears. With the second installment entitled "Sex Tells," this company is on it's way to creating more books that deal with romance, poetry, business, spirituality, and much more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692547106
ISBN-10: 069254710X
Publisher: 21st Century Shakespears Publishing
Publication Date: November 25th, 2015
Pages: 100
Language: English