Teaching Men of Color in the Community College: A Guidebook (Paperback)

Teaching Men of Color in the Community College: A Guidebook By J. Luke Edd Wood, III Harris, Frank, Khalid Edd White Cover Image
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This guidebook is divided into four main parts. In Part 1: Foundations of Success for Men of Color, the theoretical perspectives undergirding a revised teaching and learning enterprise that prioritizes the success of men of color are discussed. Also explored are common barriers and challenges facing men of color that necessitate enhanced teaching practices. A key focus of these barriers are on environmental factors (external pressures that occur outside of college that influence student success in college) and on the socialization of men of color in education. Parts II and III articulate the promising practices derived from the comprehensive study of faculty. Specifically, Part II: Building Relationships with Men of Color discusses the establishment of personal relationships with men of color as a foundational precursor to efficacious teaching practices. In Part III: Promising Teaching Practices, the authors address the role of relevancy and interactivity (among other factors) in effectively communicating academic content to men of color. The guidebook concludes with Part IV: A Note to Instructional Leaders with strategies that academic leaders can employ to inculcate the values and approaches discussed in this volume in their departments and colleges.

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ISBN: 9780744229523
ISBN-10: 0744229529
Publisher: Montezuma Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2015
Pages: 110
Language: English