Flora, Fauna, Botanicals, and Bees Sticker, Color & Activity Book: Over 500 Unique Stickers! (Hardcover)

Flora, Fauna, Botanicals, and Bees Sticker, Color & Activity Book: Over 500 Unique Stickers! By Editors of Chartwell Books Cover Image
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Celebrate the diversity of life on earth with 500+ stickers, 50+ activity and coloring pages, and instructions for candle making, drying bouquets, and so much more!

With Flora, Fauna, Botanicals, and Bees Sticker, Color & Activity Book, you can take a closer look at the things that are living all around you—that’s more than 2 million non-plant species (fauna) and nearly 400,000 plants (flora).

These numbers merely scratch the surface. Estimates vary, but that figure could actually be millions—if not billions—of lifeforms on the planet that have yet to be identified. With better equipment to help explore the deepest ocean trenches, the densest jungles, and the most remote arctic regions, we’re able to find more organisms than ever before reported. But let’s not forget about Charles Darwin. His theory of natural selection put forth the idea that all life today came from a few simple organisms that evolved over millennia, weeding out the weak, and promoting the best and strongest traits that helped them adapt to the changing environment. So it’s only natural that we’ve not only found more species, but there are more species to find.

Now you can get into the spirit of scientific discovery and partake in some less-scientifically rigorous activities. Relax, explore your creativity, and add fun to your free time with:

  • Exquisitely illustrated stickers: Use them to decorate envelopes, gift wrap, letters, scrapbooks, photo albums, or the floral-infused syrups and vinegars that you can make with instructions in the book. On the backs of the sticker pages are inspiring quotes from naturalists and authors.
  • Enchanting coloring pages, featuring line-drawn images of all kinds of flora, fauna, botanicals, and bees. Each full-page design has a meditative pattern on the back that you can color in any way you like, regardless of your artistic abilities. You could even adorn your finished works of art with the stickers.
  • Word games and activities, such as mazes, connect-the-dots, trivia, matching, scientific name generator, and more!

With beautiful foil accents on the cover, so many pages to look at, so many things to do, and so much enjoyment to be had in these pages, Flora, Fauna, Botanicals, and Bees Sticker, Color & Activity Book is the perfect book to have on hand when a free moment strikes. It’s also a delightful gift for anyone who enjoys stickers, coloring, word games, and a whole lot of nature fun.

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