Muskoxen of Polar Bear Pass (Hardcover)

Muskoxen of Polar Bear Pass By David R. Gray Cover Image
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This is a book about the life of the muskox in Canada's High Arctic. It is a detailed and entertaining look into the complexity of muskox society and the dramatic events in the annual cycle of their lives, from spring calving to winter deaths.

Based on the only long-term investigation of the behaviour of wild muskoxen in Canada, this book provides rare accounts of life and death encounters with arctic wolves, vivid descriptions of muskoxen at play, and a historical and modern perspective of the relationship between muskox and man. It is also about the North; a fascinating account of the animal life and climate of that part of our country that few of us will see, especially in winter.

Through the words of the author, the reader is able to share in the daily life of the members of a research team working in Canada's extraordinarily challenging Arctic and experience with them the unique over-winter stay with the muskoxen.

Writing for the public more than for fellow scientists, David Gray enables those of us with less specialized knowledge to follow and understand the life cycle of a particular group of those endearing animals whose home is Polar Bear Pass.

For those who have seen and enjoyed the popular travelling exhibit 'Omingmak, the muskox' and the successful television film of the same name, this book provides fascinating details of the ten-year study that led to their production.

Generously illustrated with detailed drawings and with superb color photographs taken by the author, an accomplished wildlife photographer, this book is a pleasure to look at, absorbing to read and a treasure to keep.

About the Author

David R. Gray is a Fitzhenry and Whiteside author.

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ISBN: 9780889029446
ISBN-10: 088902944X
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Publication Date: May 1st, 1987
Pages: 191
Language: English