Sea of the Unknown: Monsters and Mishaps on my Journey to Paris (Paperback)

Sea of the Unknown: Monsters and Mishaps on my Journey to Paris By Jay Swanson, Richard Bilkey (Editor) Cover Image
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For anyone who ever launched themselves towards their dreams only to be rebuffed...

The Sea of the Unknown lays before us, cold and callous. Behind us stand the comforts of home, the assurance of a path well-trodden. But some of us feel called to something else, something unseen, undefinable. Those hopes and nebulous dreams rest out over the horizon, beyond the chop and spray of the slate-gray sea that crashes at our feet. We know not how to reach those dreams; we know only that we must try.

From the moment I figured out how to operate a crayon, I started writing stories to fill a fantasy world of my own creation. I dreamed of sharing that world, of bringing it to life in the imagination of readers and movie-goers. And I dreamed of building my own life in Paris--the city that most nourished my creativity. But the real world always seemed to send its own monsters to resist, and throw me off my route.

This is the story of how I launched myself into the sea time and time again. How my early attempts at charting a course in the real world failed, my hopes of making a living as a creative in Paris floundering, cracking beneath me, and sinking below the waves. It's a story of perseverance. Of picking up the pieces, rebuilding my raft, and plotting another new course. There is no map in here for others to follow, but if I can make it this far out into the Sea of the Unknown, and live to tell the tale, then so can you.

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ISBN: 9780996902151
ISBN-10: 0996902155
Publisher: Northern Range
Publication Date: July 10th, 2020
Pages: 250
Language: English