Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast: Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California (Paperback)

Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast: Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California By Thomas E. Cochrane Cover Image
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"The Earth is a book and, with the proper tools, we can read it."

-- Thomas E. Cochrane, CA Professional Geologist

For the curious, here's a compelling examination of the complex processes involved inside our planet which

began eons ago. With an introduction to "Deep Time" and the Geologic Time Clock, geologist Thomas

Cochrane provides a detailed yet approachable overview for the layperson of how and why the Sonoma-

Mendocino region's coastline appears as it does today--with all its fascinating oddities.


  • The San Andreas Fault and its dynamic--plus continuing--role in shifting both land and sea
  • Unusual features including sink holes, sag ponds, submarine canyons & underground streams
  • The role of glaciations in causing the development of coastal marine terraces
  • Meet the area's geologic superstars: Bowling Ball Beach, Devil's Punchbowl, Witches' Cauldron, sea stacks, gargoyles, blowholes, sea caves, the 8000' Black Point Spilite and more
  • Features nearly 50 diagrams, maps, and striking photos
  • Includes an overview of human impact and climate change on the regional land and ocean

The ideal primer for those interested in the often mysterious interplay of water, wind, earthquakes,

and other geologic events, processes, and stressors at work in the natural world.

Then EXPERIENCE this geology firsthand...on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip

The 85-mile Road Log provides precise instructions for a self-drive geological tour

from Bodega Bay at Sonoma County's southern tip to the tiny hamlet of Elk in Mendocino County

(utilizing highway mile markers)--includes MUST-SEE features as well as suggestions

for best hikes, picnic spots, public access beaches, campgrounds, side trips inland,

and more...

"Sonoma Land Trust has long known the Sonoma Coast as a special place to be protected.
With his expertise, sense of curiosity, and investigation, the author came to know this place in-depth and has shared with us its story. It is a true gem to have this resource as a guide to understanding the forces that have shaped the land as we now see it. And the Road Log is an invaluable asset to our knowledge of the coast."

-- Dave Koehler, Executive Director, Sonoma Land Trust

California Professional Geologist and former teacher Thomas E. Cochrane has been a resident of The Sea Ranch (Sonoma County) for nearly 30 years. He's consulted on geologic hazards and geology along this pristine stretch of Northern California's coast and has doggedly documented all aspects of the Road Log firsthand.

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