Apostasy (Paperback)

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Poetry. Sea, listen. Cliff, I'm coming.

APOSTASY is a becoming and a deathwish--bloom, raunch, wilt, and rot. Ecstatic and erotic, mythic and mystical, fecund and feculent, Katy Mongeau's debut collection of poems expresses at once the delight and despair of discovery and renunciation with ballads to burning horses that drag behind them a deeply fraught and frantic love, galloping us to the gallows by the rhythm of a flame and the withering of a flower. Reminiscent of Acker and Bataille, APOSTASY is the wheat field we visit to die.

At the center of speechlessness Katy Mongeau attempts utterance--recklessly, sentimentally, desperately, sometimes with erasure and cancellation, sometimes with embellishment, hanging on to the vestiges of violence, wreckage and sensation, writing and unwriting, tending the wound at its core.--Carole Maso

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ISBN: 9780999431252
ISBN-10: 0999431250
Publisher: Black Sun Lit
Publication Date: March 16th, 2020
Pages: 91
Language: English