The Blue Grass Cook Book (Paperback)

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"In the most desolate and hopeless of circumstances, blacks caught in the grip of slavery often exhibited uncommon wisdom, beauty, strength and creativity. The kitchen was one place where their imagination and skill could have free rein and full expression, and they often excelled."

Recipes will get lost, tampered with, stolen, and in most cases their creators remain unknown, but not in this book. White Southern Mistress Minnie C. Fox was quick to recognize the outstanding recipes created by the black cooks around her and did what most white women would not have done, she compiled them.

In this book, you will find over 300 recipes from black cooks and the friends and families of Fox. From breads, to biscuits, soups, hams, fish, oysters, croquettes and so much more. These recipes are not just any recipes, they are the recipes of hundreds of loving mothers and grandmothers, who derived pleasure from the simple act of cooking. And what's more, these recipes can be tried today.

The Blue Grass Cook Book is not just any cookbook, it is one that holds recipes and history in its pages, detailing the beginnings of southern hospitality and cuisine.

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