Kitchen Existential: Restaurant Chefs in Their Own Words (Paperback)

Kitchen Existential: Restaurant Chefs in Their Own Words By Halliwell Hobbes Cover Image
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Hypothetical Question: What would happen if you put 100 of the world's finest chefs all in one room and started a conversation about their profession? Answer: You would get the bracing and invigorating rhetorical exchange found in this book. Fasten your apron strings, "Kitchen Existential" is a rollicking roller-coaster ride, an entertaining, enlightening, back-of-the-house view of the high-stakes world of the restaurant chef, offered in delectable, bite-size portions, peppered liberally with wit and insight. Think of this opuscule -- a delicious confection in its own right -- as a sampling of opinions and perspectives acquired in a world where stockpots boil, saut pans sizzle, and tempers often run hot during the long hours of intense stress and painstaking attention to detail. You are certain to find pearls of wisdom courtesy of the people who turn mealtimes into opportunities for delight and surprise, on the mastery of food and flavor, preparing and sharing, on the culinary profession and hospitality industry. Anyone wondering what it's like to live as a chef, and anyone who is wondering if they should, must read this book.

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ISBN: 9781497581975
ISBN-10: 1497581974
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 7th, 2014
Pages: 186
Language: English