The Slave Shack: The Book of Mumboo Conteh (Paperback)

The Slave Shack: The Book of Mumboo Conteh By Dennis J. Butler Cover Image
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The Book of Mumboo Conteh is a work of fiction. But it could have been a biography. It could have been the story of any one of the thousands of peaceful Africans who were brutally ripped from their homes and families and taken to colonial America to serve the lust and greed of their brutal masters. Mumboo's story is a story within a story. The main character in Slave Shack is Marcel Wilder. Marcel is a modern day construction worker who is injured on a job in Atlanta. Although Marcel Wilder and Mumboo Conteh lived in different centuries, their lives become bound together and inseparable. There is just a bit of the supernatural here as Marcel is unknowingly guided by the spirit of Mumboo. Mumboo's tale needs to be told to the world. But how can a modern day man tell the story of someone who lived two centuries ago? Marcel finds something; something that changes his life and sends him on an adventure that changes his life forever. Mumboo's tale is a tale of brokenhearted romance and suffering. All he wanted was to be with his beloved Tanna but the brutality of the slavery mentality prohibited it. Although there can never be a true reparation for the suffering that Mumboo endured at the hands of his captors, perhaps in some way, Marcel can find peace for Mumboo's still suffering spirit.

About the Author

Dennis Butler has written fiction in several genres including science fiction, paranormal adventure/romance, African American Historical Fiction and crime/suspense. His books include stories about time travel, alien contact, space travel, human trafficking, terrorism, clairvoyance and ghostly encounters. Dennis lives on Florida's gulf coast.

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ISBN: 9781511540575
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Publication Date: March 20th, 2015
Pages: 426
Language: English