Charisma under Pressure: Joseph Smith, American Prophet, 1831–1839 (Hardcover)

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When Joseph Smith entered Kirtland, Ohio, for the first time, he had only the year before established a church and brought forth a new book of scripture, the Book of Mormon. After moving the church and most of its members from western New York and establishing its headquarters at Kirtland—while simultaneously establishing his Zion in communities in Missouri—he oversaw a decade of both peace and prosperity and chaos and conflict. 

But just who was Joseph Smith? What motivated him? In examining Smith’s life during his Ohio and Missouri sojourns, Vogel seeks to answer those questions. But, Vogel is quick to note, “There are, in fact, many possible constructions of Joseph Smith, and depending on how one assesses the evidence for his truth-claims, a completely different Joseph Smith emerges. But this is probably as Smith wanted it.” 

During this period, Smith established a temple, printing presses, additional scripture, expanded church offices, and built a bank—all indicating a sense of permanence and strength for his young church at one level while causing its near collapse at another. 

About the Author

Dan Vogel is the author of Book of Abraham Apologetics: A Review and Critique and Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet, which won the Best Book Award from the Mormon History Association. He also wrote Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon and Religious Seekers and the Advent of Mormonism. He is the editor of the six-volume The Wilford Woodruff Journals, the eight-volume History of Joseph Smith and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: A Source- and Text-Critical Edition, and the award-winning five-volume, Early Mormon Documents, among others. He lives in Ohio.

Praise For…

Praise For the Work of Dan Vogel:

"[In The Making of a Prophet,] Vogel performs a close reading of the Book of Mormon in search of clues to the development of Smith's religious life."––Publisher's Weekly

"A massive, carefully researched 715-page volume that traces the Mormon prophet's early life and career from his birth in 1805 to 1831.––John Whitmer Historical Association Journal

"If the first volume is any indication, Early Mormon Documents should become a standard reference for anyone with a serious historical interest in this period."––Journal of Mormon History


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