My Alabaster Box...: Poetry, Prose, and Prayer (Hardcover)

My Alabaster Box...: Poetry, Prose, and Prayer By Catherine Elaine McPherson Cover Image
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My Alabaster Box . . . Poetry, Prose, and Prayer is the compilation of life experiences written in verse and expounded upon through scripture, enlightened by Holy Spirit wisdom, and sealed with heartfelt prayers. Filtering life through the Christian worldview is demonstrated in the pages of My Alabaster Box. Both new believers, mature followers of Christ, and pre-Christians will find words of encouragement and direction.

The author takes identifiable daily struggles and crafts a verse that expresses the emotion of the struggle, the joy of the understanding, or the pain of the loss in rhythm and rhyme that resonates with the soul. A gift from the Lord, the ability to connect heartfelt realities with pen and ink brings awareness to the reader that there is a higher power guiding our lives and that loves us all unconditionally.

My Alabaster Box . . . was named from the account of the woman in the Bible who anointed the feet of Jesus with her own precious perfume. Before the sweet aroma was released throughout the house, however, she had to break the alabaster box that contained her life's savings. She held nothing back, even though the breaking of the bottle of oil made her vulnerable to people's reproach. Her response has taught us that in the presence of divinity passion preempts propriety.

It is in the same vein of the broken vial that the author offers her own life experiences in verse as an oil of anointing poured out. May the worshipful words, not withheld, bring a wellspring of well-being to all who would venture within. Amen.

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ISBN: 9781644921081
ISBN-10: 1644921081
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: November 5th, 2018
Pages: 114
Language: English