Connecting With The Autism Spectrum: How To Talk, How To Listen, And Why You Shouldn't Call It High-Functioning (Paperback)

Connecting With The Autism Spectrum: How To Talk, How To Listen, And Why You Shouldn't Call It High-Functioning By Casey "Remrov" Vormer Cover Image
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The complete guide to connecting with adults on the autism spectrum - one of the 2021 Best Books on Autism from

For a friend, family member, or coworker with autism, communication can be challenging. But Connecting with the Autism Spectrum can help you find common ground with expert tips and helpful insights about talking (and listening) to neurodiverse adults so you can make your interactions more transparent, meaningful, and rewarding for all.

Written by Casey Vormer, a self-taught artist and autism advocate, this comprehensive guide is a trusted source for understanding neurodiversity that features a brief introduction to the autism spectrum. It also provides easy communication strategies like active listening and positive encouragement as well as steps to avoid misunderstandings by teaching how to recognize biases and correct them. Additionally, you'll learn why the term "high functioning autism" is a misnomer to define members of this vibrant community.

"It's important to look at every autistic person individually and recognize their obstacles—but more importantly, we should acknowledge their skills and avoid labeling them with 'high functioning autism' or 'low functioning autism' altogether," Vormer says.

Unlike other autism books, Connecting with the Autism Spectrum delivers:
  • An easy approach—Discover the best ways to communicate with those living with autism.
  • Situational success—Find the right information for various situations and settings, including school, work, and social relationships.
  • A sensitive tone—Get valuable information from a clear, honest point of view that does not seek to "cure" or manipulate people.

Learn how to communicate better with those on the autism spectrum with this informative book.

About the Author

Casey Vormer, a.k.a. Remrov, is a self-taught artist and autism advocate, who grew up in the Netherlands and immigrated to Montreal, Canada, in 2013. He enjoys giving presentations about autism to teachers, parents, and caregivers of kids and adults with autism. He also makes YouTube videos about autism and shares his life story with audiences interested in learning more. Find Casey’s drawings at and watch Casey’s videos on YouTube at

Praise For…

“Casey Vormer is an inspiring and engaged advocate in the autism community. This book, along with his other advocacy work, provides insight into his lived experience as well as important perspectives on autism, advocacy, and neurodiversity.” —Seiun Thomas Henderson, BA, MAdEd - Director General, Giant Steps Montreal

“Casey Vormer is a great advocate for the autism community. Casey's experiences, strengths, and challenges are insightful information for the autism community.” —Marla Cable, Resource and Training Centre Coordinator at Giant Steps School

“An easy to navigate book about the autistic spectrum. Well organized and simplified. Frankly, one of the best resource books I have ever read! Covering the basics with real-life experiences and history of the label itself. I am honored to endorse and to promote this book as a prominent resource for anyone interested in learning directly from the source.” —Leonora Gregory-Collura, Dip, RBS TTC, Cofounder of the ANCA World Autism Festival, Naturally Autistic ANCA Magazines, International Naturally Autistic People's Awards (

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