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The new President's vision was of opening up the solar system to extensive exploration.

A young woman and two young men graduating at the top of their college classes are devasted by learning they have six months or less to live to live.

An Airforce General asked to lead the development of matter transmission has one year to get it done.

A husband-and-wife scientific team are near a matter transmission breakthrough.

The General, known for his ability to guide complex scientific development efforts runs with the Presidents vision, recruits all the right players.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine mice die as they are transported from the decomposition to the reconstitution chamber. The one thousandth mouse receives the miracle of, an on the whim, 180-degree reversal of the transmission system polarity.

The breakthrough has happened

The transmissions go from mice to squirrels to rabbits, goats and finally a two-hundred-pound pig.

A human subject is next.

The General has three human subjects. They are the three who have only a few months to live and are willing to be the first to be transported. One of them comments that if a pig could do it he should be able to do it as well.

World competition for a similar capability rises to a very aggressive level. The three human subjects successfully transported are kidnapped. The competition desires to examine them to see if they can learn how the transmission works.

Just as things seem to be getting organized, an adversary in the President's own party sabotages the effort.

Missiles to destroy the rocket that is launching the team is targeted.

The main rocket is blown up, but the quick thinking of the team in the transport module propels them up toward the command module.

Heroic action the team saves them.

Two more attempts to sabotage the effort are thwarted.

The rotating spacecraft that provides a one G force is assembled. The Doors designated to seed and open up the Solar System are loaded. The reconstitution material is loaded.

The Doors for the Moon and Mars are delivered and set up.

The final break through is that transmission to cross these distances is safe leads to the realization that the crew that had expected to spend their remaining life in space are able to rotate back to Earth and will be able to remain connected with their families and friends.

The husband-and-wife team that delivered the breakthrough become the first to make the trip out to the moon, then to Mars and beyond.

The Doors to the Solar system and beyond are delivered.

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