Thistle & Lion: Once & Future Book 5 (Paperback)

Thistle & Lion: Once & Future Book 5 By Meredith R. Stoddard Cover Image
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A prophecy foretold their partnership, but is it doomed from the start?

Every time Sarah MacAlpin tries to escape the Stuarts' web of ambition and intrigue, she gets pulled in deeper. Now, she's lost everything; her career, her lover, and her freedom. As she learns to navigate a new world as Lady Sarah, she delves into the secrets underpinning the Stuarts' belief in their shared destiny. She also confronts how her particular gift can help them reclaim the throne of an independent Scotland. Will she set aside her principles to help them as only she can?

James Stuart finally has what he wanted. All the pieces are in place for the future that was promised in the prophecy. He has the woman he was destined to marry, the wealth, and position to help him retake the crown. He can finally move toward the goal his family has been working for all his life. When he discovers the price of building that future, will he continue to follow the plan his family made for him?

Dermot Sinclair's life has been one of duty and responsibility. He was raised with the expectation that he would protect the interests of the Stuarts at all costs. As a boy it made him feel like a warrior in the sagas his mother studied. He even joined the Army to train for the job. He was prepared to do his duty until he met Sarah. Meant for someone else, she challenged every notion he had about his life and his future. How is he going to go on without her?

When the three of them uncover a dark family secret, and the malevolent force that has been manipulating events, they'll have to choose whether to stay on the path that was laid for them or make their own.

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ISBN: 9781733393379
ISBN-10: 1733393374
Publisher: Erkita Press
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 530
Language: English