The Half-Life of Angels (Hardcover)

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This collection contains three books of poems written by Mark Nepo in his fifties and sixties. The first book, A Thousand Dawns, explores the difference between hardening, which will help us get through life, and softening, which will let us experience life. The second book, The Gods Visit, explores one of the anchoring purposes of poetry, which is to help us settle more deeply into what is. This anchoring into the life of being gives us the strength to go on. And the third book, The Tone in the Center of the Bell, explores how we are shaped by the Oneness of Life. For once we open our heart, the thousand feelings come at us non-stop, the endless waves of a Mysterious Unity. How they wash over us and through us transforms us as we are worn into exquisite shapes by the friction of the world, grounded by our suffering and lifted by love and wonder. Let these poems be companions on your path to know yourself and the inner and outer nature of life more intimately.

After fifty years of exploring, retrieving, and writing, poet and philosopher Mark Nepo is arranging his life's poetry, more than 1400 poems, into several volumes to be published in limited editions. The Half-Life of Angels is the first volume in this series, containing three books of poems, written in his fifties and sixties.

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ISBN: 9781734705522
ISBN-10: 1734705523
Publisher: Freefall Books
Publication Date: February 27th, 2023
Pages: 444
Language: English