Cryptids of the World (Paperback)

Cryptids of the World By Ryan Edwards, Kaleigh Calhoun (Artist) Cover Image
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In our natural world we know of a myriad of species. From the largest pachyderm to the smallest arachnid. There are amazing animals out there that we know of, but what of the ones we don't. Throughout our world there are stories of beasts that boggle the mind and set our imaginations ablaze with fascination. In this book I chronicle a good amount of these peculiar and astonishing species. These cryptids vary from the famous Bigfoot of North America to the obscure artrellia of Papua New Guinea. In this volume I try to grant our information of these creatures and demonstrate my own conclusions and hypothesis on what these creatures might actually be. In this book I try to have logic and science rule my conclusions but in such a curious field such as cryptozoology science and reason can only take you so far. In the world of cryptids you'll find some out of the box paradigms and almost inexplicable conclusions. I see it that only through a marriage of logic and out of the box thinking will you ever discover the truth about these amazing species. I hope that this book can demonstrate a blending of both science and superstition. I've always seen cryptozoology as a science; just one that hasn't had its recognition yet within the minds of academics across the world. It is possible that this book with the help of the plethora of amazing and ingenious minds in this field could be another stepping stone towards the truth of what cryptozoology has pursued ever since its creation. What is out there, what truly lives in our peculiar and breathtaking natural world? Our world has so many mysteries and hopefully this book can help solve some of them.

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ISBN: 9781737736806
ISBN-10: 1737736802
Publisher: Ryan Anthony Edwards
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English