How to Ink Comics: The Traditional Way (Pen & Ink Techniques for Comic Pages) (Paperback)

How to Ink Comics: The Traditional Way (Pen & Ink Techniques for Comic Pages) By Stan Bendis Kutcher Cover Image
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Ever dream of becoming a comic book artist? Let your comic drawings come to life by learning art of comic book inking.

This is the perfect one-stop resource for the aspiring comic book inker. Does your comic book pencils lack that finishing touch? By learning the basic art of comic book inking, you will improve your pencils and apply the finishing needed to complete your comic or graphic novel. This book brings you one step closer to that goal by teaching you the inking techniques that will add a professional touch to your drawings.

By inking your drawings, the coloring process is simplified. Comic colorists will no longer struggle to color your pencils. Your comic drawings will also print better as well as be more reproduction-friendly.

"How to Ink Comics - The Traditional Way" by Stan Bendis Kutcher demonstrates different inking techniques; from hatching, feathering and stippling, to dealing with light and shadow. This insightful guide will also teach you formal elements of inking, as well as explore different inking styles, and how to approach sensitivity of line.

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ISBN: 9781776434435
ISBN-10: 1776434439
Publisher: Faithenova Publishers (Pty) Ltd.
Publication Date: February 25th, 2023
Pages: 92
Language: English