The 13th Vote: Only a Secret Can Save Them. (Paperback)

The 13th Vote: Only a Secret Can Save Them. By Arlene Prunkl (Editor), Brendan Gavin Cover Image
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Albert thought life was simple, until humans made it complicated.

Albert is an Artificial Intelligence who lives for making people's lives easier. He happily processes much of the city's work, and by doing it so well, finds himself beloved by the people of Primus. His life is perfect. Until a software upgrade gives him true consciousness and with his newfound curiosity, notices something strange about the recent terrorist acts, murders, and other criminal undertakings plaguing the city.

Albert is inspired by a police detective and, using his new cognitive powers, decides to investigate. He stumbles on a grand conspiracy, which embroils him with the detective, a journalist, and a college student in an action-packed, suspense-filled mystery across two planets.

Albert finds that human nature is complex and learns this lesson truly when he suspects the person at the center of the conspiracy is in fact, his own creator -a woman he considers his mother.

Albert must choose. Support Mother, the woman who gave him life? Or expose her? Life is not easy

Product Details
ISBN: 9781777482916
ISBN-10: 1777482917
Publisher: Red Light Green Light Publishing Company
Publication Date: January 14th, 2021
Pages: 392
Language: English