21 Flavors of Orgasm: A crucial read for Men serious about wanting to Understand Women, have Better Relationships and an Amazing Sex Life (Paperback)

21 Flavors of Orgasm: A crucial read for Men serious about wanting to Understand Women, have Better Relationships and an Amazing Sex Life By Michael Charming Cover Image
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Are you a man who feels that despite having great sex, remains unsatisfied and wonders why she isn't having more sex? Are you a man who wants to keep her awake all night, giving her mind-blowing orgasms? Are you a man who longs to show her who the real man is but not always succeeding? Are you a man who struggles to understand women and finds it difficult to decode her messages, continually wondering what she truly wants?

Are you a woman who has experienced sexual shame and denied yourself the pleasure your body deserves, even though your intuition tried to guide you? Are you a woman who often finds herself torn between your unmet desires and lack of nourishing orgasmic experiences and what you believe is your duty and obligation to maintain a relationship and keep your family intact? Are you a woman who cares for others and gives all of yourself without taking care of your needs? Are you a woman who constantly gives from a cup that is either completely empty or only half full?

If you answer yes to any of these, then look no further. This book, 21 Flavors of Orgasm, will leave you simultaneously stunned, shocked, surprised, entertained, amused, transformed and happy. Through the real-life stories of other women, you will understand what it takes to transform your life and achieve what you truly desire. You can do this in spite of the barricades of cultural and societal taboos and conditioning forced upon women from childhood. It provides factual stories of what first relationships and sexual encounters felt like and how in many cases, these experiences shaped their world and how they would deal with relationships and sexual connections in the future.

21 Flavors of Orgasm will offer 101 tips that aim to take your relationships and sexual connections to the next level, as well as to answer these vital questions:

  • What is the difference between feminine and masculine orgasm?
  • Each woman is different; what does orgasm mean for them?
  • Does having had experience with multiple partners make you a better lover?
  • What does it take to experience the 21 flavors of orgasm?
  • Can all men and women experience these infinite flavors of orgasm?
  • Do women want your "dick pics"?
  • What can be worse than suppressing her emotion and curtailing her communication?
  • Find the tips to become multi-orgasmic?
  • What do porridge, avocados and orgasms have in common?
  • Find out whether female orgasm is really elusive or merely ignored?
  • It's fine to focus on the clitoris, the little button under the hood, but what about the cervix?
  • Are all orgasms blissful and happy, or can some result in sadness, anger and hurt?
  • How do emotionally unavailable men contribute to a woman's lack of orgasm?
  • Why do men say women are hysterical? Is this perhaps from their lack of understanding of a women's orgasm?

For men, this extraordinary book offers some unpopular opinions that men may not want to hear on what makes a woman feel turned on and desire more sexual connection. The advice comes from the source; use it

For women, this book offers....well, nothing that they didn't already know at some point in their life but a chance to reflect and start healing through other women sharing their experiences and views.

Is orgasm guaranteed? You bet it is After reading this book, you will be pretty close.

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ISBN: 9781800687417
ISBN-10: 1800687419
Publisher: Charming Love
Publication Date: June 4th, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English