How to Commit the Perfect Murder in Ten Easy Steps (Paperback)

How to Commit the Perfect Murder in Ten Easy Steps By Jessica Huntley Cover Image
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A step-by-step guide to committing the perfect murder. Best get your pen and notebook out for this one.Clueless ... meets ... Gone Girl

Ashleigh Carmichael has it all: money, fame, expensive cars, a multi-million-pound London house and the adoration of millions of social media followers.

Curtis Redding does not have it all: homeless, penniless, down on his luck and he doesn't even own a phone. Plus, he's wanted to kill Bryan Matthews since he was a child.

Ashleigh (through no fault of her own) winds up getting dragged into the power-play between Curtis and Bryan, who clearly have ongoing issues with each other. Bryan has inadvertently kidnapped her, and is holding her Fendi handbag for ransom. Therefore, where her bag goes ... she goes, so she joins him on a road trip around the country. Curtis, meanwhile, is tracking them every step of the way.

Can she help the men overcome their differences? Or will she end up fighting for her life too?

Plus ... will she ever get her handbag back? (There's personal stuff in there )

Perfect for those readers who enjoy their thrillers dark with a hint of humour. You'll love this dramatic yet hilarious novel about female determination, money, power, and the lengths one will go to seek revenge.

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ISBN: 9781916827011
ISBN-10: 1916827012
Publisher: Jessica Huntley
Publication Date: April 1st, 2024
Pages: 352
Language: English