Assertiveness for Teens: 4 Easy to Use Methods to Stop Bullying and Stand Up for Yourself (Hardcover)

Assertiveness for Teens: 4 Easy to Use Methods to Stop Bullying and Stand Up for Yourself By Maria Van Noord Cover Image
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Tired of being a push-over?

Do you have enough of your feelings getting hurt by other people?

Do you have a hard time to say: No?

Then keep reading...

You don t want to hurt the feelings of other people, so in the end you agree and end up doing things you don't like.

When you try to express your opinion, others ignore you.

Friends take advantage of you because they know you won t say No easily.

Do you recognize this? Then raising your assertiveness will improve your life on many fronts.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in Assertiveness for Teens:

  • How to boost your assertiveness in only 2 minutes (page 56)
  • What the 'percolator effect' means (page 20)
  • How to determine your current level of assertiveness (page 26)
  • The communication style of low assertive people (page 9)
  • How you can change your mindset to facilitate assertive behavior (page 41)
  • Tips to improve assertive communication (page 48)
  • Tips to show confidence (page 49)
  • More tools and techniques to increase your assertiveness (page 57)
  • Answers you can use when you get bullied (page 61)

You might think that being less assertive or being too aggressive is something you were born with.

But the contrary is true, it's something you develop when growing up.

This means you can redevelop it as well.

A lot of famous people like Christina Aguilera (famous singer), Eva Mendez (famous actress) and even Bill Clinton (former president of the United States) were once bullied. They have redeveloped themselves and you can see the results.

So, decide it's your turn now and click ]Add to Cart].

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