The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting Against Tyranny (Paperback)

The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting Against Tyranny By Dani Katz Cover Image
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In the much-anticipated follow-up to her critically-acclaimed, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, Dani Katz focuses her Quantum Languaging word wizardry on societal overhaul. Equal parts cultural critique and (r)evolutionary handbook, The Language of Betterarchy offers tangible tools to unify the populace, and evolve our culture for the "better" with our every word.

After dismantling the myth of patriarchy as prime cultural perpetrator, Katz pinpoints hierarchy as the nexus of distortion doing the collective body bad. She goes on to offer simple, yet profound communication upgrades that empower, uplift, equalize and inspire, while evolving our culture into a "betterarchical" structure that serves the greatest good of all.

A sweet, sassy and subversive read, The Language of Betterarchy challenges the erroneous fictions propping up victim culture and identity politics, as well as the gender divide and the so-called "return of the divine feminine." A must-read for the visionary change-makers who came here to transform the world for the infinitely more wonderful.

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ISBN: 9781956257861
ISBN-10: 1956257861
Publisher: Pierucci Publishing
Publication Date: September 21st, 2023
Pages: 292
Language: English