Religion Reinterpreted (Hardcover)

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What do Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sufi traditions have in common? What real purpose are religions meant to serve? What light can insights derived from physics shed on our search for meaning and purpose? For thousands of years, religion and spirituality have been part of the human experience in every land and culture. Even when religions have been used as political tools, their original purpose has continually given the lie to twisted ends. Drawing on his own experiences and decades of multidisciplinary study, Dr. Hale Michael Smith presents startling ideas and re-evaluates religious traditions of antiquity, in an effort to rediscover the meaning at the heart of religion. In every generation are born people who think, not just for themselves, but for humankind. Dr. Hale M. Smith considers the significance of religion an essential component of human experience. Religion and language, ideas and science, are all mediums for understanding our purpose in being alive. What we do with that understanding is the Great Adventure. This book is intended for all who are seeking understanding.

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ISBN: 9781957851006
ISBN-10: 1957851007
Publisher: Penmore Press LLC
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Pages: 460
Language: English