From Struggle to Strength: A Father's Journey with Autism and the Power of Hope and Positivity (Paperback)

From Struggle to Strength: A Father's Journey with Autism and the Power of Hope and Positivity By Harry Psaros, Betterbe Creative (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Harry Psaros, Betterbe Creative (Cover Design by)
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Many fathers resist assisting their children on the autism spectrum.

Some are too stubborn or macho to accept the autism diagnosis. And once upon a time, Harry Psaros was that guy.

Harry wants to be a voice for dads in the autism fight.

From Struggle to Strength was written so other dads can learn from Harry's mistakes, work with their family to support their child on the spectrum and their successful development, see how his son Gus is thriving with the support of both parents, and ultimately understand that an empowered mindset drives lasting growth and fulfillment in the journey with autism.

From practical advice for nurturing your child's growth to the mental attitudes and mindsets that parents of children with autism need to succeed, From Struggle to Strength helps fathers step up and be the support for their children that they long to be.

Yes, there is confusion on the autism journey. No, there is no step-by-step guide book where you follow a recipe to help your child succeed. But, there is a way to be informed, to be supportive, and to create a unified front as a family fighting on this journey together.

"Harry shares his honesty, doubts and fears in From Struggle to Strength. You will laugh, cry, and be encouraged by his family's journey as they navigate ASD. Harry and his determined family prove that with the right support, challenges can become joys to celebrate." -Kelly Cain, Founder of Autism Caring Center
"Harry is a true contender against the relentless opponent we call autism. It bobs and weaves, but Harry reminds us, in an incredibly positive and powerful way, that we too have all the right moves. This book, no matter where you are in your journey, will be the encouragement you need in your corner of the ring "

-Carrie P. Holzer, Autism Mom and Author of Building Puzzles Under Water: An Autism Story

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Publication Date: March 21st, 2024
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