How Does Disney Do That?: How Disney Makes Us Feel And Why It Matters (Paperback)

How Does Disney Do That?: How Disney Makes Us Feel And Why It Matters By James Warda, Theron Skees (Contribution by) Cover Image
By James Warda, Theron Skees (Contribution by)
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There are plenty of books on Disney, but James Warda, in collaboration with former Imagineering Creative Executive Theron Skees, approaches things from a different angle-Why and how does Disney make such an emotional, life-changing connection with us? There's something very profound and deep that begins with the storytellers and designers and reaches deep into our hearts. After having conversations with numerous former Imagineers and designers, leaders, cast members, and fans, James has identified patterns that not only help explain our love for Disney and the parks, but also provide ideas we can apply in our own workplaces and lives. It's a fun, sometimes whimsical, always thoughtful journey, enriched by Theron's professional insight from his years of leading major projects at Disney, including overseeing Disney Springs, cruise ship design, and more.

The book's foreword is by former Imagineer and Disney Legend Joe Rohde, and a portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to Give Kids The World Village in Kissimmee, FL.

Story quotes from the book

"We started with story. And, though many guests won't notice all the details...they can feel them."

-Dan Cockerell, former VP of EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom Parks; author and consultant

"You have to be emotionally sincere (when designing experiences). Emotions override our create valid emotion, you have to have valid emotions. You have to feel them yourself, and then you have to be able to say, 'How could other people feel them based on what I intend to do?'"

-Joe Rohde, former Disney Imagineer and Disney Legend, Chief Experience Architect for Virgin Galactic, Recipient of the TEA Lifetime Achievement Award, and Explorer's Club Member

"When I was twelve, I remember standing on Main Street in Disneyland as it got dark. The lights started coming on along all those gingerbread buildings, a horse car was clopping quietly by, I could hear the whistle of the steam train, and suddenly it was twilight on a tranquil American small city street in 1908. And I thought, 'I want to stay here forever.' And, in a way, I did."

-Richard Snow, author, Disney's Land; former editor-in-chief of American Heritage magazine; consultant for Glory and other motion pictures; writer for PBS on Burns brothers' Civil War and Rick Burns' Coney Island

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