Lots of Luck Noblesse Oblige Rentier (Hardcover)

Lots of Luck Noblesse Oblige Rentier By Marilynne McKenzie Cover Image
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Two preteens share their first kiss. By high school, their lives go in opposite directions. They're now on a roller-coaster ride to reunite. Dan is a man with a complex and covert job. Sophie is a successful woman who is now struggling to start a new life. A small memento lures Dan to find his first love. All of Dan's experiences can't help him make the connection with Sophie. Their reunion is hindered by unexpected events that will have you wondering what else could possibly happen next to keep them apart. Their lives are sealed with an ending like no other love story. Lots of luck figuring it out

Product Details
ISBN: 9781961908888
ISBN-10: 1961908883
Publisher: Authors' Tranquility Press
Publication Date: October 25th, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English