My Mum's Hijab (Large Print / Hardcover)

My Mum's Hijab By Eliza Donovan, Arini Hidayati (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Eliza Donovan, Arini Hidayati (Illustrator)
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Why do Muslim women wear hijabs? Why do they cover themselves when they go out?

In "My Mum's Hijab," young readers are introduced to the significance and importance of hijab in the lives of Muslim women. As the girl explains the concept of hijab to her non-Muslim classmates, the book delves into the profound reasons behind why hijab holds such a meaningful place within Islamic culture.

Hijab serves as an expression of faith and devotion for Muslim women. It symbolizes their deep connection with their religion, as well as their commitment to modesty and humility. By wearing the hijab, Muslim women actively choose to prioritize their inner qualities and spiritual values over outward appearance, emphasizing the importance of character and inner beauty.

Moreover, hijab allows Muslim women to assert their identity and showcase their cultural heritage. It serves as a means of self-expression, enabling them to embrace their roots and display their affiliation with a particular faith and community. Through this act of personal choice, they find empowerment and pride in their individuality and religious beliefs.

Hijab also plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of privacy, dignity, and respect for Muslim women. By covering their hair and bodies, they create a sacred space that encourages modesty, protects their physical integrity, and guards against objectification. It allows them to navigate the world with a sense of safety and security, enabling them to be seen for their intellect, talents, and contributions rather than being solely judged based on their appearance.

By conveying these significant aspects of hijab, "My Mum's Hijab" not only dispels misconceptions but also promotes empathy, respect, and acceptance among readers. Through the eyes of the young protagonist, children gain a deeper understanding of the values that underpin this practice, fostering a sense of appreciation for diversity and religious freedom.

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