Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality: A Historical Study of Sexual Contacts with Demons (Paperback)

Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality: A Historical Study of Sexual Contacts with Demons By Sinistrari Of Ameno Cover Image
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The Incubus and Succubus are the same creature. The incubus is its male shape, seducing women. The succubus or succuba visits men, causing nightly pollutions (wet dreams). The intercourse with these astral visitors was called demoniality.
Contrary to other Latin literature of the genre - like the Malleus Malificarum - Sinistrari's study deals solely with the incubus-succubus subject. This results in a colourful collection of theories and cases regarding the half material / half astral forms of sexual activity with these demons. A special, and not by definition evil, class of demons, by the way, more akin to the fauns or satyrs of antiquity, according to some church fathers, and not impressed by holy objects, exorcisms or Jesus Christ.

The present volume is a fascinating read for occultist, Wiccans, micro-historians, sexologists and those interested in folklore or parapsychology. This edition has a Post Scriptum with extra information about the incubus-succubus as a timeless phenomenon of the astral wildlife category, based on astral sightings by OOB-expert Robert Bruce.

Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality is a revised edition of Sinistrari's 17th century study on the mysterious orgasm-stimulating sex demon. A hot topic, especially in the world of witchcraft, the Inquisition and the morals of the Catholic Church.

VAMzzz Publishing turned this unique manuscript into a new, easy readable version adapted to 21th century standards. Read more about Sinistrari of Ameno in the Post Scriptum of Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality. Preview on

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