Spirital - A Real Soul Evolution Experience and Making Sense (Paperback)

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This Paperback Pocketbook Deluxe Edition contains both volumes of the Spirital Series: Spirital - A Real Soul Evolution Experience (Volume 1) and Spirital - Making Sense (Volume 2) in one single smaller format paperback book. This is just one book, containing both volumes.

Spirital is not a misspelling. It is a name that was suggested for this project during a deep meditation.

A very logical mind, Lark Lauren suffered a traumatic event. He is describing his path to awakening after this event which made him realize there is something else there, beyond the obvious. Follow the inspiring journey that opens him to the truth and puts him on the path of achieving the ultimate Joy.

Spirital - A Real Soul Evolution Experience, the first volume of the Spirital series is exploring concepts, feelings, realizations, and sensations from a practical perspective, the exact way that Lark experienced them at the time as well as their relation to modern society and the environment.

Lark Lauren undergoes a transformation and starts paying attention to the spiritual world, to what is all around us, and to what we take for granted. During the story, the narration changes from the third person to the first person showing the transformation and evolution from the old to the new.

Lark gets us thinking beyond the mainstream and experiencing the deep connection we have with the Universe.

This is a real soul evolution story.

Spirital - Making Sense, the second volume of the Spirital series, is a brainstorming where Lark Lauren is making sense of his experience and associates it with existing and newly created concepts. Lark Lauren puts these concepts and experiences in perspective and in relation to modern society, science, and contemporary challenges. He discusses concepts like awakening, friends, money, business, goals, spirit, books, music, poetry, movies, trends, parallel universes, time, and many more. Even though, these concepts look to be quite different from each other, Lark surprisingly and unexpectedly finds them to be interrelated. Discover what makes and drives them all.

Embark on a journey of auto-discovery and be ready to be wowed by a different perspective. Understand what really means to be happy.

Prepare to be "reborn"

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215940884
Publisher: Lark Lauren
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English