Across the Plains in 1844 (Paperback)

Across the Plains in 1844 By Catherine Sager, Trinklein (Annotations by), Eliza Spalding (Supplement by) Cover Image
By Catherine Sager, Trinklein (Annotations by), Eliza Spalding (Supplement by)
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Catherine Sager's story is among the most gripping firsthand accounts of life in the American West ever written. This enhanced version of her original manuscript adds explanatory notes, photos, maps, drawings, and 3d visualizations. Sager's story is a fascinating read all by itself-this bonus material adds a layer of context to bring the story alive even more.

Catherine Sager faced almost unimaginable hardship: both her parents died on the journey west on the Oregon Trail; a few years later her adoptive parents were murdered. She was even kidnapped and held for ransom. Yet Catherine was a survivor, and she lived a long life in Oregon. Her accounts of life on the Oregon Trail and the tragedy at Waiilatpu remain important historical documents. At the same time, she is an excellent writer who knows how to engage the reader.

This special edition also includes a first-hand account by Catherine's friend Eliza Spalding; the first time these two important memoirs have been published side-by-side.

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ISBN: 9798218419127
Publisher: Michael Trinklein Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2024
Pages: 128
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