Mateo's Walk: The Humanity of AI (Paperback)

Mateo's Walk: The Humanity of AI By Eugene Nasser Cover Image
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What so many have feared is finally happening. The global AI system has gone haywire. Authorities are slowly realizing that the Worldwide Integrated Consciousness System (WICS) is beyond human control. WICS is certainly transforming and changing the world, but in ways nobody saw coming.

Looking for answers, the American government arrives at Tall Oaks assisted living facility. Mateo, a former programmer who wrote computer code during WICS development phase, is their prime suspect. Despite the fact that Mateo has not written a line of code in over two decades, the authorities believe he is the key to figuring out what will happen next. As a crowd gathers outside, they attempt to quickly leave with Mateo but only manage to get lost deeper inside the confusing Tall Oaks facility.

What follows is one last walk through Tall Oaks, where Mateo's memory blends with the present day chaos brought on by WICS. Along the way he befriends the attending doctor, all the while accompanied by a contingent of military guards whose uniforms and behavior are wildly unexpected. It turns out that WICS is not indifferent to the humanity behind its creation. The world, and in particular American society, are about to find this out straight from WICS.

Equal parts philosophical-comedy, science fiction, and unrelenting satire on American culture, Mateo's Walk is a novel reminding us that no technological advance can ever replace the way we treat one another. Improving the way we care and look out for each other is the best hope for a future that looks increasingly bleak. Does it take an AI program and global pandemonium to remind us of this?

Perfect for fans of The Sirens of Titan, A Confederacy of Dunces, and Infinite Jest.

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ISBN: 9798218961411
Publisher: On the Level Publishing
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2023
Pages: 342
Language: English