Start Learning Norwegian: Guide For Newbies: Norwegian Language Studying (Paperback)

Start Learning Norwegian: Guide For Newbies: Norwegian Language Studying By Aleida Klohe Cover Image
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Learning a new language is a tough ask as an adult, but it's essential to ensure a positive experience living in Norway. Not only is it difficult, but foreigners in Norway need to make extra effort to learn Norwegian because Scandinavians speak such good English. Whether you're just thinking about making the move, are in the process of relocating, or you just want to learn for fun, here is the book to help you in the process of learning Norwegian.
This booklet summarizes the basic grammar rules and sentence structure of Norwegian, thus giving you the information you need to build Norwegian sentences from scratch.
The information provided in the booklet is also a useful supplement to exercise-based language learning, so I recommend using it in conjunction with one of the interactive language learning websites that are freely available these days. The book covers information on:
-Pronouns: Subject
- Pronouns: Direct Object
- Pronouns: Indirect Object
- Nouns
- Articles: Definite
- Articles: Indefinite
- Counting
- Adjectives
- Possessives: Type 1
- Possessives: Type 2
- Verbs
- Adverbs
- Prepositions
- Conjunctions
- Comparisons
- Questions

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ISBN: 9798520577058
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 14th, 2021
Pages: 64
Language: English