Enneagram in Love: 3 books in 1: The Spiritual Journey to Overcome Couple Conflicts and Embrace Success with the 9 Personality Type. Brin (Paperback)

Enneagram in Love: 3 books in 1: The Spiritual Journey to Overcome Couple Conflicts and Embrace Success with the 9 Personality Type. Brin By Adele Adani, Lina Presley Cover Image
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Eliminate Negative Thinking and Insecurity and Overcome Couple Conflicts

Are you curious to unleash the secret powers hidden in each person using the personality type?

Would you like to manage or avoid narcissistic relationships?

Can't find couple stability ?

You will discover the magic world of ENNEAGRAM in RELATIONSHIPS very soon Follow us

First, you have to know that the Enneagram offers a rich map to personal development from an open systems perspective and recently has been followed by tons of admirers all over the world.

The Enneagram consists of nine personality archetypes that are interconnected in different ways.

However, Enneagram can help making radical lifestyle changes even in our modern world. Also, may induce to embrace a new way of life by tapping your own hidden natural power, creating self-awareness

Enneagram it's based in real scientific trends and studies done over time in humans.

So, you will be guided by a deep coaching process that supports application, rapid results and deep self-awareness.

This book is a challenging tool to find real help with many unique contents:

Enneagram for beginners

✓The 9 personality types

✓Individual, team and organizational benefit

✓learn how your new Enneagram knowledge can help you navigate them.

✓How others perceive your personality type differently than you think

Dark Psychology and Manipulation

✓How People with Dark Personalities Traits Behave to Control Your Life

✓How Toxic People Choose their Favorite Victims

✓5 detailed and doable statements to avoid manipulation at work

✓The Secret Languages of the Narcissists and tips to get rid of them

Narcisissistic abuse and codependency

✓7 mental abuse tactics used by narcissists on spouses

✓What Causes NPD?

✓Signals that You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

✓How to Survive a Narcissistic Relationship

In a relationship is important to get support from "outside" to understand in a crystal clear way what is going on and learn to communicate effectively by setting boundaries.

This example is only one of the many lives that this method has managed to turn upside down.

Still, all these people had one thing in common.

The fervent desire to change and facing have a different life and relationship, overcoming couple conflicts.

This is the most life-changing process I recommend everyone does.

You will be excited as to how it will impact your life.

It's up to you to decide what to do, right now Empower Love, Success, and Luck In Your Life

If you hopefully aim to reach this expertise, click the BUY NOW button and start enhance your work, life, and love.

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Publication Date: January 19th, 2021
Pages: 248
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