The Death of Ivan Ilych (Paperback)

The Death of Ivan Ilych By Mariana Evies (Translator), Leo Tolstoy Cover Image
By Mariana Evies (Translator), Leo Tolstoy
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For Iv n his life has been a success. You have done everything you should. What did not succeed, unlike his brother? Don't you have a diligent and loving wife? Isn't he a loving father, a blameless judge, a great friend? Iv n's fragile world collapses, as he touches death he realizes the terrible truth: he only lived following the goals set by society. He does not decide to study law school for his own pleasure but for the money, power and social mobility that he offers, he does not marry for love but for inertia. The stability of the relationship with his wife depended on the economic well-being and social prestige that he had at the time. His life, so well-off and peaceful, is a great lie. Here society is embodied: alienated by money and the search for prestige. That is what Iv n Ilyich pursued throughout his life. This society strives to keep up appearances always, not to go out of what is considered normal and thus, death, something so vital, seems alien and horrible to them. They do not hesitate to make the most of it without feeling mercy while pursuing empty and simple goals. the novel also presents a strong criticism of the way of life in the aristocratic Russian society of that time, indifferent, obtuse, routine, mouldable.

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ISBN: 9798670122320
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 28th, 2020
Pages: 60
Language: English