Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero: Learn the Basics, Plan the Ceremony, and Write the Wedding They've Always Wanted (Paperback)

Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero: Learn the Basics, Plan the Ceremony, and Write the Wedding They've Always Wanted By Mark Allan Groleau Cover Image
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'Want to write the wedding ceremony your couple actually wants? This is the way. The process. The A-Z. Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is not a wham-bam filing cabinet stuffed with canned ceremony scripts for you to copy and paste. It's not a data dump of wedding instructions, either. Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is a step-by-step, follow-along method.

The goal of this book is to teach you two things at once. First, as you read, you'll be learning all the ins and outs of a wedding ceremony-down to the granular details. Second, at the very same time, you'll be transforming yourself into a guide for your wedding couple.

When you get to the end of this book, you'll be able to describe all the moving parts of a wedding ceremony, rock a planning session with your couple, and deliver the script they've always wanted. Are you at Wedding Zero? No problem Mark Allan Groleau has helped thousands of new officiants and celebrants all over the world get rave reviews from their ceremonies.

Now it's your turn. This ... is how you get to Ceremony Hero and write the script your couple has always wanted

"Mark's book not only epitomizes his commitment to his craft, but also demonstrates his desire to help the rest of us overcome our ceremony jitters and serve as officiant with total confidence, reverence, and joy. I met Mark as our two worlds collided-his teaching wedding officiant success, and mine teaching mobile notary and loan signing agent success. It's the perfect marriage of industries and passions (See what I did there?) What truly bonded us, though, is our mutual passion for teaching others. On both fronts, the work matters As a wedding officiant, whether your couple asked you as a friend or hired you as a professional, you're being counted on to help make their nuptials special. Give your couples, their guests, and yourself the gift of learning from the best so you can deliver a ceremony they will remember forever. Read this book In fact, read the whole series " - Bill Soroka, founder of & author of Sign & Thrive: How to Make Six Figures as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent

"More and more, modern couples are enlisting the help of a dear friend or relative to marry them. To pronounce them married. It's a big job, and you're the chosen one for the job of officiant or celebrant. You need this guide In Mark Allan Groleau, you have an expert officiant guiding you step by step as you craft and execute a modern wedding ceremony. Seriously, we call on Mark quite often and we cannot sing his praises enough. If we were getting married, we'd want Mark to marry us Whether you are a layman or a professional, this will help you be the best damn wedding officiant you can be. So go ahead - marry your friends We believe in you, and we believe in Mark's process." - Christy Matthews & Michelle Martinez, hosts/producers of The Big Wedding Planning Podcast & The Big Wedding Planning Master Class

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ISBN: 9798709337060
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 116
Language: English