Commemorative Justice (Hardcover)

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If God does exist, would not the clear pursuance of his glory be the only true definition of justice? In Commemorative Justice, expert theologian Michael Volpe spends his time discussing the theology behind God and glory.

For the Christian who carries the inherent burden to always ask themselves, and God, for the why of everything, Commemorative Justice has the answer. It begins asking the following string of questions:

  • If there is a God, what can justice be other than the pursuance of His own glory?
  • What are the correct definitions of God and glory?
  • Can we assume with good reason that God could not but grant Himself the perfect gift, Jesus Christ?
  • For what does everything - including good and evil - necessarily exist?

Author Michael M. Volpe invites readers into a cerebral and fascinating discussion of theology in his new book, Commemorative Justice. Combining his years of experience in studying, reading, and discussing existence's truths with philosophers and theologians with his passion for writing, Volpe creates a discourse that will set readers' hearts and minds ablaze with questions.

The true invitation comes after the hypothesis. Do you believe Jesus is necessary for actual existence? After comparing this grand idea in all its fullness with anything else that can possibly be conceived thanks to Commemorative Justice, you may be closer to your answer.

Based on the principle of absolute theistic determinism, readers will find differences between Commemorative Justice and the atheistic determinism of The Nature Of Thought 2 Vols. (Blanshard) or semi-determinism of Systematic Theology (Berkhof).

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ISBN: 9798822939059
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English