The Girlfriends' Guide to Empty Nesting (Paperback)

The Girlfriends' Guide to Empty Nesting By Allie Hill Cover Image
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After so many years of early morning alarms and never-ending laundry, many moms expect to feel incredibly liberated when their kids leave home. But what happens when the Land of Empty Nesting isn't all it's cracked up to be-when you suddenly feel like a ship without a rudder? A bird without a flock?

That's what Allie Hill was contending with after her daughter left for college. While she thought she was alone in those feelings, Allie soon discovered that was far from true. Many women were silently struggling right alongside her, as finding purpose after kids and enjoying life after the kids are grown (and flown) isn't always as easy as we expect it to be.

That's why she created this relatable and humorous guide to help you discover realistic tips and strategies to rediscover your passions, purpose, and, most importantly, yourself so you can stop feeling alone and purposeless and begin to enjoy life as an empty nester.


★ Saying goodbye to your offspring (sans breakdown)

★ The surprisingly uplifting truth about your shifting role

★ The ultimate "what not to do" playbook (Allie's been there, tried them all)

★ Dealing with menopause and other rude curveballs

★ Making phenomenal new friends and connections

★ Finding joy in empty nesting

So grab a cup of whatever makes you happy, and get ready to embark on your empty-nest journey with a smile, a laugh, and the wisdom of a best friend who's been through it all (and lived to tell the tale).

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ISBN: 9798987361283
Publisher: Finn-Phyllis Press
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 196
Language: English