Last Bets (Paperback)

Last Bets By Mary Carroll Moore Cover Image
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Portrait artist Elly Sorensen leaves her Washington, D.C., life for the Caribbean island of Bonaire, hoping to find refuge from personal tragedy and financial fallout. Instead, she is confronted by old demons, including a gambling underworld that taps paranormal talents she would prefer to leave dormant. On the island she finds an unlikely kindred spirit in teenager Rosie Ryan, an Australian with a gambling father and artistic talents of her own-and a penchant for breaking and entering, particularly into the rooms of other guests. Against a backdrop of a gathering storm, Rosie is blamed for a freak diving accident, and the stakes at the gambling table mount. Nobody is safe, least of all Elly, whose whole life, it seems, hangs on one final game. Underestimated by the men around them, Rosie and Elly must conquer forces they never imagined and fight for a future that promises real freedom.

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ISBN: 9798987531754
Publisher: Riverbed Press
Publication Date: April 21st, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English