Books and Bridges: Benjamin Park

Books and Bridges is a community institute that facilitates ideas and conversation on the best of human thought. We explore the wisdoms of the world and apply them to modern life. We have no political, religious or ideological affiliation. In a society divided by uncivil discourse, the beauty of the humanities—novels, history, philosophy, poetry, ethics and epics—lift us to our better angels.

On October 18 at 6:30, Books and Bridges will present a lecture and discussion led by Benjamin Park, Professor of History at Sam Houston State University, on the topic of "Beyond Walden and Nature: Why the Transcendentalists Are Important to American Democracy." Park will examine the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and others in the context of democratic culture and deliberation.

Benjamin Park received advanced degrees from the University of Edinburgh (MSc Theology in History), and the University of Cambridge (MPhil Political Thought and Intellectual History; PhD History). He is currently an assistant professor of American history at Sam Houston State University. His research focuses on the intersection between religion, culture, and democratic thought between the American Revolution and the Civil War, often within an Atlantic context. His scholarship has appeared in numerous journals, including Journal of the Early Republic, Early American Studies, Journal of American Studies, American Nineteenth-Century History, Journal of Religion and Society, Journal of Mormon History.

Part of Utah Humanities Book Festival.

Event date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102