Books and Bridges: Dr. Charles Randall Paul, "Religious Diplomacy and Dialogue in Our Modern Age"

On August 7, Dr. Charles Randall Paul, head of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, will discuss the crucial place of religious understanding in our pluralistic society and explain the principles of co-contestation as opposed to mere toleration. We live in local and global societies that are deeply troubled, if not torn apart, by religious and ideological conflict between uncompromising rivals that desire mutually exclusive gains. But the more that people are allowed to disagree and speak honestly the more respect and less contention there will be. In this way, civility comes from candor. This bridging event will illuminate the difficult realities of interreligious collision and draw upon case studies involving Muslim-Christian, Iranian-American, and Protestant-Mormon dialogue. A Q&A and refreshments will follow. The lecture is made possible by a grant from Utah Humanities.

This event is organized by Books & Bridges — a community institute of ideas and conversation. Our mission is to facilitate discussion on the best of human thought. We explore the wisdoms of the world and apply them to modern life. We have no political, religious or ideological affiliation. In a society divided by uncivil discourse, the beauty of the humanities—novels, history, philosophy, poetry, ethics and epics—lifts us to our better angels. In our busy world we need space for friends and fellow learners to do a little more heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

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607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102