February 2024 Collectors Book Salon

This will be our 100th Salon! Since the first Collectors Book Salon of June 2012, more than 70 collectors have shown us treasures and shared their stories. We’ve hosted numerous group affairs. We can’t count the amazing books we’ve seen and handled or the glasses we tipped. We have laughed and shed tears. Friendships were made and also some romance. 


I took the first Collector’s Chat, calling mine Readers as Vanguards of Revolutions. Unless the world is ideal, change will be wanted and anyhow, it can’t be avoided. Great minds flourish by exposure to ideas. In fields of diverse ideas, potential is fertile. Readers are not only smart, they are often wise, creative and polite. The wise reader will likely be thoughtful and humble too. Who better to envision progress than the reader with mind full of tempered ideas? 


For the party atmosphere I encouraged Salon guests to dress up or over, as though, well, attending a party. Amazing what costume and attire does to oneself in the mirror of other eyes. Many guests ignored this and I love you anyhow, but for our hundredth, I am hoping you might appear as unique as you are. It will be fun. To add surreal silliness, bring a book you admire that looks great with your outfit, unless you prefer to pick an outfit that goes with your excellent book.


Weller Book Works Collectors Book Salons feature libations and treats, social time for conversation and a special deal on rare books that is only available to guests. Books are bridges across the divides of time and space and like they embrace the diversity of the human experience, we try to keep our treats, speakers and deals diverse which is maybe another word for unpredictable.

Glasses filled at 6:30 and we muster for the Collectors’ Chat at 7:15 in our Rare Book Room. The event has no digital component.

Event date: 
Friday, February 23, 2024 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Event address: 
607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102